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Lena’s experience within the financial industry over the last 20 years gave her a unique ability to identify and solve problems. However, fortuitously the skills she developed as a derivatives broker enabled her to effectively manage the health issues of herself and her loved ones. By educating herself on both the NHS and Private Health Systems, she created optimum health outcomes through managing the

complexities of both systems.

During her time in the health space, she became a carer for people with dementia and experienced first hand, how difficult it was to get simple & executable advice. he completed dementia training with various official bodies within the UK & USA and then created programs incorporating lifestyle changes which dramatically improved the symptoms of people with dementia and a much better life & understanding for carers

Her key areas of expertise are:

  • New business set up and development
  • User testing methods for MVPs
  • Financial forecasting
  • Motivation during challenging periods


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