Ghilaine Chan - Weinsocialtech
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I am sector agnostic as my expertise is in business management and operations. I am a good listener with the ability to think strategically but be tactical in resource constrained conditions. I am able to offer alternative solutions to the rules everyone else tells you, you shouldn’t break or doing it differently to how everyone else does it. I help you grow a business that works for you, not you working for your business and forgetting why you started a business in the first place. I am a Business Engineer.


My background is in business operations. I work as part of the leadership teams in small and medium-sized businesses to root out institutionalised inefficiency, and to fix it, so that the team and the business can be more efficient, more successful, and more profitable. My primary values are trust, learning and autonomy. I work with people and businesses that share my values and allow me to learn from – and teach – other people, finding new ways to do things better, through collaboration not competition.

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