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cohort 2

Cohort one businesses for We in Social Tech accelerator can be viewed here

Democratising 21st Century Skills

Etiq is a software solution that helps companies to identify and mitigate bias in their automated decisions. Whether it’s in policing and sentencing, recruitment or financial products, people’s lives are being affected by these automated decisions on a daily basis. We are strong advocates of advanced technology such as machine learning and firmly believe if the technology is used correctly, it will provide a fairer process and more equal opportunities to everyone!

Globefox Health are reinventing healthcare from the patient upwards: Developing a new health data framework for under-diagnosed conditions and disabilities that will help and support everyone to identify, track and report their symptoms effectively Creating new user-led support services to better fit everybody’s needs, ensure that no one is left behind, and that everyone can take part and benefit. Making the invisible visible by gathering the data and insights that are currently being missed.

Go Jauntly is a health and wellness company working to increase walking, mobility and outdoor adventures. As nature-loving city dwellers who spend most days desk bound, we yearned for an easy way to uncover new, local walking routes on which to stretch our legs and re-connect with nature. So, we created an award-winning, community-based walking app that helps people discover new walking routes, create their own and share them with friends. There are over 900 routes in the app currently, and more are added every week. Our platform is ready made for businesses, local government and organisations to encourage physical activity, wellness and sustainability. In the past we have partnered with the likes of Transport for London, Southampton City Council and Walgreens Boots Alliance.

Goodsted empowers individuals and teams to take action and collaborate for social and environmental impact. As a result, we increase well-being, promote personal development, and help achieve the Global Goals for 2030. Our digital platform creates a more accountable and measurable way for individuals and organisations to share resources to progress socially or environmentally impactful projects. We help grass roots innovators, social entrepreneurs and anyone with an idea to create positive impact. Individuals and teams are able to post challenges to ask for support, or offer their support to existing challenges. These challenges are categorised according to duration; Bite Size, Sprint and Extensive. The type of support includes; volunteering of skills & time, donation of products or loan of temporary spaces. Our platform makes it easy for companies, universities and other organisations to keep track of their employees’, students’ or members’ interaction and activity to track involvement and measure impact.

Greet the Day logo

Greet the Day aims to provide a platform for people living with bipolar disorder, providing information about various treatments and also insights from employers as to what works to support people with the condition in the workplace. There would also be a section on self employment.

Griffin Occupational Therapy (GriffinOT) aims to provide affordable, high quality online children’s occupational therapy (OT) solutions for home, school and everywhere.  Using online training, we are on a social mission to make OT expertise accessible to all schools and families.  Our resources are designed to help teachers and parents understand and support their children.  Whether they have a diagnosis or not, our sensory processing disorder training and fine motor skill programmes are designed to help.

The environment of people is becoming more technological. As NFC technology for contactless payment technologies, contactless door opening systems, key-less cars and electronic public transport ticketing system get more prevalent and used, devices supporting these functionalities also get more popular. Wearables and mobile phone systems have increased exponentially in the last 15 years. Without carrying these devices people risk not being able to make payments, being locked out of buildings and websites, unable to travel or unable to identify themselves. This can have serious implications on safety, security, convenience, stress and time of people. The Impli implantable smart device combined with a user-friendly interface that will allow you to manage your information would, therefore, overcome the problem of running out of battery, losing or forgetting a device. It would allow people to be connected to their technological surroundings and would allow them to stay safe at all times.

Lapapo is the first marketplace for children with special needs in the U.K. Our B2B2C platform is dedicated to supporting carers of children with special needs. We aim to take the strain off of the government by empowering parents. We do this by solving three pains: product, pricing and emotional. We connect parents to businesses that create products for their child’s needs and reduce isolation through our social community. Our goal is that councils will feel less pressure and parents will feel more empowered to care for their child’s needs.

MAMOQ on a mission to drive a fundamental shift in fashion buying behaviour by providing stylish and sustainable alternatives to high-street fashion. We seek out the best in sustainable fashion, bringing over 85 independent labels together in one home so that our customers can easily find style that matches their values, while our partner brands can more effectively reach the growing consumer segment concerned with the ethics and provenance of their wardrobe. MAMOQ operates on a highly scalable, commission-based drop-shipping model, and through our core pillars of scalable commerce, educational content, and loyal community, we are leading a revolution in the fashion industry.

The goal of Museum of Contemporary Digital Art is to promote the understanding, enjoyment, preservation, and protection of digital art. In conjunction with our educational proposition, we create a Smart Contract platform for Artists, Collectors and Institutions. Unlike other blockchain organizations, our enhanced smart contracts will introduce a highly customisable approach, which will help defining new forms of digital ownership and associated copyrights.

Our product responds to the market needs and will trigger the growth of a secondary market for digital assets.

Money Pot is a micro-financing platform that provides individuals with access to a peer-to-peer short term saving and lending instrument. The platform will:

  • Help individuals save up for specific occasions that require expenditure in the short term
  • Encourage its members to save for longer periods by providing an easy access savings account with manageable contributions
  • Facilitate an interest free lending vehicle for its eligible members with easy repayment in instalments
  • Create social impact by empowering individuals who otherwise might not have access to short term loans at favourable terms. is a new not-for-profit site making it easier to face life’s challenges. Quickly find trusted help and support and learn what other people did in similar situations. Our social mission is that no-one should struggle alone, whoever they are, wherever they are. We want to help everyone find support and improve access to services. You can help someone today by adding a service or sharing your story at

Nurture Collective is a curated marketplace of sustainable & ethical children’s clothing aged 0-12years. We’re on a mission to help parents make more conscious choices for their kids. We have created a visual sustainable icon system to allow people to shop with their values and now wish to take this one step further and enable them to measure their impact at the point of purchase.

Pamoja Care is a tech-based domiciliary care agency with a focus on reducing the language and cultural barriers that currently plague the adult care sector. Pamoja is Swahili and is translated as “together”, which perfectly sums up what we do! We will be providing a service which connects elderly dependents to the ideal caregivers by allowing these dependents to pick caregivers from a variety of profiles based on their experience, qualifications, skills and most importantly language proficiency. This is the only company that aims to provide a more personalised form of care by focusing on cultural and language matching.

UK adults increasingly find themselves combining full-time work with other commitments be it elderly parents, kids or the pursuit of a personal passion. We think job sharing can help them achieve a better balance without having to sacrifice earning power and job satisfaction.

Quick Click Security is a Recruitment, Training and Knowledge sharing platform for the private security industry eventually global and allowing for ease of access to job opportunities, training options, information and industry updates, events, contracts and online competency testing. Set up to combat how lack of knowledgewithin this industry  and access to professional development has negatively impacted recruitment, staff retention, quality of staff and the way purchasers quantify the value of “security”. Users create a personal profile highlighting relevant experience, quals and work history . Users can advertise/apply for jobs – employers can proactively recruit by requesting CVs from profiles they are interested in. 1st stage “video interview” feature makes 1st contact easier and avoids travel costs for job seekers. “Book a Guard” feature will allow security officers to be booked through the site for a specific shift and both parties can “review” the other creating a system of transparency and accountability. Users can advertise/apply to book training courses with a course comparison feature. Short videos will be used to test knowledge/skills (optional) with relevant courses suggested. Users can connect with other users and build networks.

Solocal Travel is a female-exclusive platform for women who travel. We concentrate on making travel more meaningful: for the travellers and for the destination by enabling meaningful connections among female travellers, and bringing sustainable and ethical local experiences to them.

Turn is trying to create a world where managing menstruation is sustainable, convenient and cheap. We will create a sustainable ecosystem by collaborating with the designers that make biodegradable products and the scientists that reclaim organic waste. Our service will stop menstrual waste going from the home to landfill and will create something tradable that will reduce the cost of future menstrual care products. We can achieve all of this with our beautiful modular bin, a really clever collection system and (most importantly) a tribe of eco menstruators.

Making made easy with Yodomo! Try weaving, sewing, ceramics, botany, woodwork, baking, bookbinding, printing and more. Developed by a team of award-winning digital content specialists, Yodomo unlocks your creativity with high-quality online courses and in-person workshops from independent artists and makers. Yodomo’s corporate wellbeing workshops increase productivity and creativity in the workplace and our retail experiences bring spaces to life. Clients and partners include: Ticketmaster, Innocent, Founders Factory, Kickstarter, London Craft Week, Clerkenwell Design Week, Oxo Tower, Cass Art, Turning Earth, Cockpit Arts, G.F Smith, Octopus Publishing Group, The Quarto Group, CICO Books, Laurence King Publishing, Guild of Master Craftsman Publications. 53% of the adult population in the UK have learnt three new skills online in the last year and “craft alone is worth £3.5bn p.a. to the UK economy growing at 4.5% p.a. and $35bn in the US”. Craft Council report, 2016 “2019 will be a year of change. With increased purchasing power, empowered consumers are pushing brands to embrace their values. Connected consumers are finding the joy in disconnecting.” Top Ten Consumer Brands 2019, Euromonitor International.

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