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Developing an immersive, interactive social and communication Virtual Reality training game, for children and adults on the autism spectrum.

Tackling Africa’s next health crisis: chronic disease. Baobab will make quality healthcare affordable and available to all. Afya Pap uses Al and behavioural science to help our users change their habits, reduce the financial burden of managing their conditions, and improve their health.

Career Ear is an intuitive careers advice and recruitment platform. We enable employers to engage and employ quality, diverse talent and provide young people with tailored advice and support as well as access to work opportunities in order to fulfil their career potential.

Bridging the gap between young people looking for work and organisations seeking diverse talent, Fledglink proactively supports socially disadvantaged and minority individuals. We empower a generation to take ownership of their journey from education to work like never before.

Generation Medics is a multi-award-winning non-profit founded to widen access to medical and healthcare careers. The community of healthcare professionals and students work to inspire and empower young people to fulfil their potential and each year their work impacts thousands. Generation Medics is working towards a healthcare workforce that better represents the society it serves. A future where the circumstances that a child is born into does not limit their future career options.

InChorus is a third-party platform to anonymously tag, measure, and resolve incidents of bias and harassment within an organisation. We’re not about surveys, we’re about individual support, and data, and action that leads to change. Because the more inclusive and diverse a workplace culture is, the happier it’s employees and more profitable the business will be.

This is needed because we continue to work in environments where nearly 9 in 10 women experience demeaning comments from male colleagues, Where more than half of women polled have experienced some form of sexual harassment. Where 1 in 4 BAME employees have experienced stereotyping and where 24% of LGBTQ employees faced public humiliation. However, this predominantly goes unreported. In these non-inclusive cultures, diverse talent leaves. Indeed, the Kapor Center for Social Impact has estimated the cost of this turnover in Tech companies in Silicon Valley alone to be $16bn.

InChorus exists to help companies change this. We believe that a systemic change is taking place. The brightest companies of the future will be those where an inclusive culture enables everyone to bring their full, and best, self to work. We’re helping companies shift towards that future, today.

Loopster, is a revolution in how kids’ nearly new clothes are bought and sold, which offers three main benefits:
– Radically extends garments’ lives.
– Allows parents to buy high quality, nearly new clothes cheap.
– Gives parents cash for clothes they no longer need.

Loopster hand-checks every item it sells to ensure it is good quality, and sells it on to other parents at a fraction of High Street prices. With clear photographs of the clothes on its easy-to-use website, searching for stylish bargains on Loopster is not only easy but fun and to sell to Loopster, order the Loopy Clear-Out Bag and fill it up with children’s unwanted clothes. At Loopster HQ, we check the condition and quality of the garments. If it makes the grade, we pay parents for it. The rest gets returned or, if they agree, donated to the charity.

The world’s first peer to peer marketplace and fin-tech solution for the 2 billion people without bank accounts. We allow them to sell their products direct to the international marketplace.

Open Online Theatre is a digital creation and performance space where you can live stream rehearsals and performances, discover and engage with your audiences, and develop collaborations. Sharing your work with online audiences requires more than simply filming and streaming your piece – the device your audience views it through, and the engagement with the camera, all impact how your work is experienced. But online performance is about more than just showing your work –  if you’re an artist who enjoys collaboration or likes to involve the audience in your creative process, then Open Online Theatre has the space you need. Through its multi channel functionality, Open Online Theatre gives you your own creation space, bringing audiences and other collaborators into your process

Path Feel is a smart insole that aids mobility in those with neurological conditions and sensory deficits. It also gathers data which will be used for diagnostics, personalised medicine and remote patient monitoring.

Pocket Pals provides land managing organisations with digital experiences about the natural world. Our first product, the Pocket Pals Augmented Reality Trails utilises a mobile app and interactive signs. Visitors of nature reserves, zoos or museums are taken on a self-led trail to discover the interactive signs that reveal augmented animals. The trails offer a unique visual experience to encourage families and children to learn about natural history

We are working to transform the lives of every person who is touched by Dementia. We found the biggest roadblock to be misunderstanding of the symptoms and how to manage them.Our Web-app coaching platform will help everyone involved with the care pathway to understand and lead a better life.

RoomForTea is a shared living network. We enable anyone to turn a property into a co-living space. Guests can book a room in a 3-10-bedroom home, on a flexible basis (1-12 months). 75% of our community is female.

Studio Meineck is a new kind of design company, we make design for the most important mental health and well-being issues society faces.

Supply Change is the first digital marketplace to specialise in making the process of procuring social enterprises easier, safer and quicker.

The ultimate digital destination for the community of conscious travel seekers, businesses and storytellers. A positive and collaborative platform funded by affiliate and brand partnerships, SitSpot makes travel responsibly accessible and fun. Travellers connect and get inspired by compelling stories, empowered by smart tools, and guided by users’ reviews based on ethical values they share. It allows users to enhance their knowledge on how to minimise harm, do more good, and experience the most enriching trips.

Combining the healing power of laughter and the wonder of technology, at Hebe we’re building a more socially confident, mentally healthy, connected society; one child’s laugh at a time.

The Communality

The Communality is a community to empower cancer patients. The mobile app is a social platform for cancer patients to give and receive peer support. Users can follow emotional mentors, journal their stories, connect with other patients, and participate in community chat rooms to seek and offer guidance.

Empowering and uplifting people with dementia through Virtual Reality.

We make and sell the Zeez Sleep Pebble, a small under the pillow battery-powered device incorporating patented electronics designed to match the low power electrical fields naturally produced by our brain during relaxation and sleep.  Our device prompts similar brainwaves in poor sleepers so that within a short period most sleep substantially better.

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