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We only have 10 years left to limit climate change catastrophe. The UN says that governments and big business need to make big changes for the planet, but that there’s also power in small wins, multiplied many times over.


100 Ways in 100 Days meets that need. It’s a highly scalable e-learning business, delivered via the workplace. It uses engaging psychology and neuroscience to motivate people to think, live and act more sustainably, fast. All employees, from C-suite to ‘factory floor’ will be involved.


It will help organisations meet incoming environmental, social, governance (ESG) criteria. It will save them money, save energy, be team building, enhance reputations and attract and retain staff.


Following initial set-up 100 Ways will be low cost to refresh and develop, year after year. It’s high margin too, with no limit to the number of participants on its platform. Once they’re 100 Ways accredited organisations can renew or upgrade.


There are endless ideas for brand extensions and partnerships. It will launch in the UK first, then be licenced internationally.
A portion of profits will go to environmental causes. 100 Ways is a revenue-driving ‘business that does good’, rather than a NFP social enterprise.

The first app of its kind created for the disabled community to practice yoga safely at home. The app will assess your ability, adapt to your pace, monitor your progress, and recommend workouts based on your individual metrics.


In addition we would like to offer evidence-based pain education through podcasts, brain training, meditations, and written exercises, to help users understand and reduce chronic pain and anxiety.


As the founder, and a disabled person, I have found adaptive yoga to be ultimately life changing. I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of two. It’s a painful disease that attacks the synovial fluid around the joints – eventually the joint is destroyed before it needs to be replaced. So far, I have had 10 joint replacement surgeries, and YEARS of physiotherapy. Before yoga I felt constantly at war with my body, my body was attacking me, it was my enemy.


Yoga, for me, was about crafting a new healing, accepting, and loving narrative around my own body image. Yoga taught me to thank my heart for beating, to honour myself for the work I put in, to be kinder to myself- even as far as to give myself a hug. I no longer judged myself – or compared myself to abled bodied people. I gained a newfound love for my body and a love for myself.
Yoga shows you a way of re-inhabiting the body, with greater harmony and ease, no matter how painful the body may feel. Learning to live with the body rather than fighting against it is truly the path to a richer, more satisfying, quality of life.

Ombrollo updates the therapy search through our app for choosing, booking, and budgeting mental health appointments on your mobile. Ombrollo takes the useful features of other apps and applies them in an original way to the mental health industry for total consideration of user experience.

ELANZA Wellness is a digital-first women’s health company revolutionising the way fertility clinics deliver care. With ELANZA, clinics can easily connect their patients with a virtual fertility coach for 24/7 care through an app on their phone. Our platform merges medical and behavioral workflows to help doctors give radically better care right into the comfort of the patient’s own home.


The ELANZA AI coach prompts highly personalised lifestyle changes that can have a clinical impact on outcomes, as well as functioning as a practical assistant with reminders, trackers and real-time answers, all backed up with real-world, in-app holistic support via telehealth. Patients can also find the products their doctor recommends and find events, classes and a caring community. ELANZA provides everything fertility patients need in one place, and is fast becoming the new standard of care.


By subscribing to ELANZA, doctors can treat more patients more effectively, without hiring more staff members or a whole new IT department. Our solution is turn-key, meaning clinics can add digital care augmentation and efficiencies overnight.


Half of women who’ve experienced fertility treatment call it the most upsetting experience of their lives – and at ELANZA it’s our goal to reduce this statistic by making sure patients are properly supported and given the best chance to optimize their outcomes whilst striving to enjoy their basic human right to a family.

How does your community stay connected when you can’t meet in person? We’ve created Kintro for community managers to connect your community with ease through relevant, smart email introductions.

Glow-Meno is an online health and personalised well-being platform for women. Created by women for women, it aims to empower, educate and treat women facing the transition to menopause and beyond.


1.1 billion women globally will be in peri-menopause by 2025. However, 46% of women are not prepared. Many struggle with menopause symptoms but are not seeking help, and only 8% are in treatment.


Glow-Meno is stepping in as an online healthy ageing resource and virtual clinic. It demystifies the stigma of menopause, supports women with a range of personalised health, lifestyle and well-being services and tackles the loneliness of menopause.


Glow-Meno is for women wanting to educate themselves – putting women right at the centre of their menopause journey with access to the latest discoveries, treatments and personalised healthy ageing support.

Her Story Matters organisation is a digital platform and organisation that supports women to overcome societal injustice, empowers women and gives them a voice. Since its inception, Her Story Matters has partnered with The Home Office, DFID, NSPCC , AMREF UK amongst other organisations.


Her Story Matters launched Her Story Mag in 2016 to share women’s stories and feature holistic content that celebrates and empowers women.


In October 2016, we launched Heart to Heart intimate moments, this was to help women process their trauma, pain and hurt in a safe space without judgement.


November 2016 Women in Leadership Conference was launched to empower women entrepreneurs in business for leadership. When women are included in decision making, there is a balance in society.


Recently, we started Facebook lives sharing stories of women globally under #onevoice campaign as well as women in leadership panel discussions in preparation for our annual women in leadership conference.

Travel has been commoditized to the action of the click of a button and the vanity act of posting a picture in Instagram. Travel is much more than that though. We want to bring back  the beauty and wisdom of traveling while creating a lasting impact for a better world.


I AM THE WORLD is a platform for you to travel before you take off. Immerse yourself in our curated content to learn and have a grasp of the local culture; inspire and get inspired by other like minded members and impact the world by helping global causes. All from the comfort of your sofa.


We have launched the branded merchandise of our first destination, I AM RIO, which translates the values of our platform (please follow @_iamrio and @iamrio.pedal on Instagram).


While we promote the world’s cultures, we build a universal culture of doing good worldwide. Join us and be part of this change.

Tech culture needs an upgrade. We need to replace old assumptions with a deeper understanding of how to add value to people’s lives. It is essential to design new tech products with human vulnerabilities in mind as the human brain is inherently vulnerable. While social networks claim to connect us, all too often they distract us from connecting with those directly in front of us, leaving many feeling depressed and socially isolated. The vision with i2i is to create a new type of social tech that has kindness and community baked into its design and uses machine learning to track and understand the rollercoaster of young people’s emotions.


Under the right conditions, humans are highly capable of accomplishing goals, connecting with others, having fun, and doing many other things technology seeks to help with. Technology can give space for that brilliance to thrive, or it can displace and atrophy it. In each design choice, we aim to support the conditions in which brilliance naturally occurs. We already have a live MVP – i2i app – launching in UK universities this autumn, which is the result of 3 years work and consultation with students and academics.

Iloh began as an observation into the sexual health market and the growing awareness towards self care and wellbeing. The rising popularity of FemTech and smart products on the market means there is much more choice for the modern consumer away from typically phallic products in dated colours, often made of harmful components. However, I noticed a lack of retailers who were tailoring this shopping experience and marketing these smart products to consumers in a open and shame-free way. Iloh’s aim is for womxn to take full ownership of their pleasure and participate in an informative shopping experience.

I have curated a selection of products that live where we live, not shamefully stuffed away in a knicker drawer, all designed by strong femxle designers with empowerment in mind

Kitchio is a recipe box aiming to serve 20 minute meals at £1 per head.


Shopping with a low budget under time pressure means working families often have to compromise on taste and health. In disadvantaged urban areas where fast food is readily available, families spend £2,100 extra per year buying takeaways and ready meals instead of cooking the same meals from scratch. Kitchio is determined to change this. We’re on a mission to make healthy food quick, tasty and affordable.

kreativ | kollektiv is an equity crowdfunding platform primarily aimed at creative entrepreneurs from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. Founders will be supported by an initial 6-week online incubation period, to assist them with the initial business and financial planning thus increasing their chances of success and decreasing the associated risk of investment. It brings innovative financial and investment tools to the cultural and creative industries. The overarching aim is to facilitate social mobility by providing capital to founders, who share our ethos regarding inclusive and diverse hiring practices and move away from exploitative systems such unpaid internships.

Net2Work is an interactive tech platform transforming outcomes & bridging the gap between young people and companies. Inspiring & connecting young people and companies directly for opportunities with work experience, internships, apprenticeships & jobs within their chosen sectors in an accessible and exciting way. We understand that young people want the opportunities however there is a disconnect and lack of guidance, which we are solving.


Net2Work aims to be the Tech platform that provides every young person the opportunity to pursue their desired career and to partake in shaping their future by showing them what is possible while creating an innovative way to make this happen. Net2Work has created a community and a voice of young people from ages 15 to 21 from all backgrounds and at all stages of education. We partner with schools, colleges, further education & non-profit organisations to make this impact.

Nullus is a social technology company dedicated to creating a safer world for survivors of sexual violence and providing survivors with the support they deserve and need. At Nullus we are built upon two key arms, prevention and support. Our prevention arm focuses on working with companies and individuals at large to run training on how to create safer environments for all. Our support arm, is rooted in our novel software which allows victims of sexual violence to report safely and anonymously and be signposted to tailored support. We at Nullus are on a mission to create a world that is safer, more supportive and allows survivors to thrive.

The company offers two services: a membership platform for brands, musicians and managers, and a bespoke brand partnership service.


The membership platform is totally inclusive, meaning that cost and social media follower counts are not barriers to entry. Membership is £5 for musicians and managers, and £10/25/50 for brands dependent on their size. Membership perks include:

  • access to the database of sustainable brands and musicians, allowing members to create partnerships autonomously access to a private online community
  • free attendance to PETRA events
  • discounts on third party eco-products and services
  • access to online knowledge resources
  • involvement in our mentoring scheme (launching 2021)


The brand partnership service is run with an emphasis on authenticity, transparency and affordability – moving away from the traditional PR/marketing agency model. We source musicians/brands, create a content creation strategy, hire creators, and run the campaign in full. This service has a set price list, or as an alternative, we are able to work out fees on a value-based model. We tend to charge between £150 – £3000 for these services. We are also open to reduced fees for charities/not for profits.


We run events and other programmes alongside these main services too.

PressPad is an award-winning social enterprise fighting to lower the financial barrier of entry into elite professions through a marketplace host-mentorship accommodation and HR service. We uniquely combine professional networking & affordable easy accommodation (Linkedin meets Airbnb) resulting in improved diversity & access to professional industries – starting with the media.


PressPad benefits three distinct groups. We connect aspiring journalists from disadvantaged backgrounds who live outside of London and other expensive UK cities with media professionals and journalists who have a spare room. Our model, therefore, not only gives a helping hand to young talent who can’t afford the current financial prerequisites to enter the industry but allows for reverse mentoring of senior journalists, who can learn from the experience of meeting a young person from a different background. We also work with businesses and media organisations to help them in their journey as they create more socially relevant content aided by the inclusion of more diverse and better networked staff. This leads to a better public interest news ecosystem as it creates a grassroots effort from the industry to achieve a national press corps, which is truly representative of their audiences.

Projee provides a novel way that enables charities and 3rd sector organisations to successfully staff their projects, and help freelancers and individuals contribute to social impact projects they care most about.


Projee then uses AI in its matching algorithms to present a prioritized list of candidates for each organisation’s project, considering social impact, ethos and wider experience as well as technical skills. Projee helps the organisation and candidate assess their mutual fit for the optimum hiring outcome – whether the role is full-time, part-time, paid or voluntary.


Rather than providing a traditional recruitment platform or talent acquisition system, Projee takes a project-centric view, helping organisations understand what skills and resources they have, and need, in order to deliver specific outcomes. For individuals, Projee makes it easy to define the skills they are offering, and the social impact they are looking for, using an interactive process that bypasses the legacy CV-centric approach.Projee uses algorithms to match based on multiple factors, using machine learning over time to refine the process, with an effortless UX that makes it a joy for all parties to use.


Projee provides an extensive set of roles, skills and capability levels building on the SFIA framework (Skills Framework in the Information Age) for technology roles, and adds definitions for common non-technical roles in the charity sector. Existing team people skills can be matched against the project, allowing Projee to perform a gap analysis to identify the missing skills to find. By recognising that no candidate ever provides 100% of the skills, capabilities or experience that a legacy job specification expects, Projee analyses skills, capabilities, values and purpose to find the most promising sets of people to suggest to an organisation, to build a high performance team with a complementary skill set.

Republic of Hugs emerged in response to the touch hunger of COVID-19 lock-down. We have embarked on the mission to create a bespoke, long distance hug, connecting people across the globe.


Republic of Hugs embraces immersive and interactive technologies to create wellness and entertainment experiences, products and stories for positive social impact.


Connecting individuals is at the heart of our touching experiences. We seek diversity of perspective and inclusion within our company and to enable this in the use of our creations.


We are fundraising to do a feasibility study for Hug. Our sustainable and disruptive innovation starts with a Hug connection but will be embedded in broader eco-systems.


We envisage a B2C business model built on subscription fees including enhanced packages but we will also explore B2B lisencing models in healthcare, commercial media and entertainment and telecoms.


Hug has immense potential to grow with anticipated technologies. Hugs can be saved forever and returned to at any time.

At Telescope, we believe that meaningful social change starts with empathy. Now more than ever, frontline workers & policymakers need to learn from each other and collaborate to tackle our growing challenges.


But too often, policies are developed without really understanding the experiences of those at the sharp end of social problems.


We want to change this.


Telescope is the new learning programme that brings together policy and social sector workers for collaborative, practical learning experiences, creating shared visions of how to build towards a more resilient and inclusive society.


We aim to create a more human and empathetic approach to shaping policy, focusing on centring the voices and experiences of real people. Our programmes help to build human connections between people who might rarely interact. Learning outcomes include three key elements:
1 – insights, with participants learning with and from other people working on a social issue from different perspectives;
2 – skills – with participants gaining a new toolkit for innovation and problem-solving based on service design and systems thinking;
3 – networks – participants build new connections with people who they wouldn’t normally interact with, opening the doors to meaningful discussions and collaboration as they go forward.


We run in-person & online programmes, both in groups and bespoke for clients. By helping to spark collaborative, creative thinking around complex social challenges, we support both individual professional development for participants and the improvement of outcomes for society as a whole.

We have three workstreams:


1. Education – We host brunches or dinner parties for teams or c-suite that help to create a safe space to talk about issues of race, gender and sexuality. The objective of this dinner would be to challenge assumptions, think about their unmonitored thoughts and open the door to uncomfortable conversations in a safe environment that helps people educate themselves.


2. Auditing – We’ll audit your business and communication protocols and look at what changes they need to make to ensure their organisation is not just hiring diversity but retaining talent, for instance, are there safe spaces? We will look at the supply chain, brand, customer experience, employee well-being, intersectionality.


3. Crisis Communication – If or when a crisis hits focused on race, gender or sexuality the Litical crisis communications team will be on call to advise, take the swift and effective action needed to manage and mitigate reputational threats allowing you to concentrate on operational considerations.

The Seam is the world’s first online marketplace for apparel repairs and reconstruction, bringing the concept of made-to-measure to the masses.

The WomenHood connects women on the issues that matter.


My mission is to empower women with the knowledge, mindset and toolkit to make a 1% positive change in their lives. 1% because big changes aren’t sustainable but the micro changes have been proven to stick.


Exploring the unspoken topics impacting women’s wellbeing today, from the confidence gap to the menopause and everything in between.


+ The Unspoken Sessions – a series of inspiring and informative events that create a space for women to learn from the experts, but also pause, reflect and share with others.


+ Unspoken Women Live – weekly Instagram Lives. These are bite size conversations with talented women exploring an unspoken topic affecting women today,  including: How to Fail at People Pleasing, Demystifying the Perimenopause, Claiming your Confidence, Money and Relationships and Love in Lockdown.

The goal of TRANSOM is to level the playing field in employment by addressing bias. This will be accomplished with anonymous infographic based search process and transparency based selection process.


There is bias throughout the hiring process from racism, sexism and ageism but also uninformed judgements about perceived quality of education, smaller unknown previous employers, career gaps etc. Every one of us has a vulnerability that can be pre-judged and hard to convey on a CV. TRANSOM will use infographics to create a job profile as a benchmark to compare candidates. Search processes will also include pre-screening questions to assist in identifying qualified candidate prior to interview.


As TRANSOM will facilitate the full lifecycle of recruitment there is the unique opportunity to provide summary level information around diversity hires and wage gaps that is found in the interview and offer stages. While transparency doesn’t solve the problem, it keeps the conversation alive.

Tupear is an educational technology platform that applies social psychology to increase student productivity and motivation by connecting users with a community of study partners in a virtualised study space.


Our aim is to help students build long-lasting positive habits that will prove useful beyond their educational years and expand their social circle of peers.


Since the launch of the first version of our MVP we have had 100 users sign up in the first month of with no marketing cost. In our Paid MVP, we had 60 users in less than 3 weeks and 80% of active users would recommend Tupear.


Our team is made of Asma, Claude and Ayokansola and together we have experience working in some of the fastest growing startups in Europe as well as the education sector and a passion to help students fulfil their academic goals.

Voices of Colour is a transformative digital community action and leadership development programme for underrepresented female changemakers from ethnically diverse backgrounds. The community action element of the programme aims to provide the girls with the power and opportunity to play a real part in their community by promoting engagement, advocacy and consultation at local level. Their voices are at the centre of what local community change looks like. The mentoring element of the programme aims to provide the girls with an insight into the world of work with a focus on supporting their personal development journey whilst they are part of the programme. We are currently patterning with local councils and housing associations to run this programme online for all participants.

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