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Founder Resilience: Three Key Practices to Build Your Resilience

By Kevin Mascarenhas
Founder of Natural Flow Consultancy, We in Social Tech mentor


What does resilience mean to you? Is resilience the capacity to stay strong and push through for a result regardless of the impact? Or is resilience a built capacity to change our story and move through challenge with grace? What does the caption above say to you?


As smart as we like to think we are ultimately creatures of habit, and in many of us the resistance to change is immense. You would think that as humans we naturally move towards pleasure and away from pain, but this is not entirely true. So much depends on our childhood, how much nurture we received, in whose arms did we enjoy soothing when experiencing setbacks. From these experiences, we make sense of the world and derive statements we hold to be true. Mine is “I’m on my own”, I wonder what’s yours? In the search for meaning and understanding of my life experiences, I gravitated towards coaching and now it’s a passion of mine to help others resolve these differences within themselves.


Much of the workshop was dedicated to exploring life hacks for introducing an interruption to our habituated responses motived by a desire for a change in the outcomes. Together we looked at how to build habits to enable the best version of ourselves showing up more consistently.


I would like to share with you three practises that have helped me to stabilise and build a capacity for resilience.


It has always fascinated me how top class tennis players are able to recover from set point down or match point down to win a match. This simple three step process could help you transition from one piece of work to another minimising the loss of energy and maximising your effectiveness

Stage 1 – Release

Find a method that works for you to let go of whatever has just happened. My preference is to reach into my yoga practise and work with the breath.  This is Pranic square practise with some interesting variations. Think bellows breathe, breathe in and out of your nose, inflate the belly on the in breath and move the breath into the chest on the out breath, breathing out of your nose. I do this several times while peace is restored to my mental state.

Stage 2 – Set an Intention

Set an intention for the next chunk of time. This triggers the power of possibility and from here we can transform nothing into something. Generate your power here to make what you desire manifest. This three part process comes from Deepak Chopra and is still makes a difference in my life after discovering it twenty years ago.

Stage 3 – Place your attention

As Tony Robbins says “Where attention goes, energy flows”. Whatever you put your attention on will grow stronger in your life. We know this to be true. Whatever you take your attention away from will whither, disintegrate and disappear. Resilience is built on focused action to get stuff done. Work sessions can be chunked down to 50 minutes and I use insight timer to build my own preset with bongs at intervals to bring my mind back should I have floated off on a tangent.


What is the one thing that you can do today that could have maximum impact on your business today? Bring your focus and attention here and make it happen day after day after day. Plan your day, use a planner there are many out there. The one that really works for me is the Brendon Burchard’s high performance Daily Planner, there are many more so go find your favourite. It need not be any more complex that this:


Watch how this can become a game changer for you.


Reframing isn’t about deluding ourselves into thinking that the situation is great when it my not be. However, it is about discovering the blind spot we cannot see at first. What have we learned from the situation? What would we do differently next time? The art of coaching is about expanding out the possibilities of a situation to create a fresh perspective. It never ceases to amaze me how much power can be unlocked from a situation where we see only darkness at first both for myself and my clients.


I’ve noticed, I use the phrase “yes and” often these days, it’s part of my mental make up. My five year old daughter teaches me this lesson again and again. I’ve learned to shelf my preconceptions, declare “yes and” and dive into a creative journey together, often not knowing what’s happening or where we are heading, it’s a practise in embracing uncertainty!


Human beings are meaning making machines, we use conjoined logic: “This happened to me, so therefore it must mean this about me.” By stacking positive interpretations, one after the other, in an end of day reflection, we equip ourselves as the author of the success story of our lives. How would you feel at bedtime if every day turned out to be “new learning”, “surprising” or even “breakthrough”. It’s closer than you think.


Finally, I want to say “breathe”, just keep breathing, slow yourself down by mastering your breathe and notice the anxious sensations in your body dissipate. If not put some structures in place to support you, seek out a coach to help you, get resourceful. Resilience – you’ve got this!


Kevin Mascarenhas is a business coach and founder at Natural Flow Consultancy.

They are passionate about building entrepreneurs from founders to CEOs while growing cohesive teams, who are motivated engaged for success.

Want to know more about the multitude of ways a coach can support you in your business? Get in touch :

Contact Kevin Mascarenhas at


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